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Zaman Welfare Trust

Welcome To Zaman Welfare Trust

Zaman Foundation School is a Welfare Project of Zaman Welfare Trust and Garrison School System.

It’s providing quality of education to Deserving students from years.

It is located in a Village Warrha Thattha Muhammad Shah, Tehsil Bhowana, District Chiniot.

The Educational Purpose Trust has an informal relationship with a number of orphanages in Mauritius and the Seychelles.

The Trustees of the Educational Purpose Trust have committed to assist with funding the basics required to support as many young children as possible, from as young as 5 years old, with the financials needed to get them into the local education system.

As little as Rs : 1,500 per year can support the most basic educational costs required to take an orphan child off the streets and into a full time education position.

The Educational Purpose Trust considers applications for bursaries from children in a variety of countries worldwide and from all different financial and educational backgrounds.

The core objectives of  Welfare Foundation can be summarised into the following: The relief of poverty, sickness, distress and suffering of any persons who are in need irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.
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