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It was late 90’s that Syed Majid Zaman,Col.Syed Ali and Syed Arshad Zaman the founder members of the welfare educational foundation, Zaman Foundation recognized the need for setting up a top quality school that could provide the best possible education and training to the children of lower middle and middle class at an affordable expenses. For this purpose, in March 1998, a small building having 10 rooms was hired on rent in Civil Lines jhang. The School took a humble start with Pre-School and junior school. Soon it got full trust of its parents and the strength rose to 250 students within no time.

The untiring efforts and continuous hard work made it best school of the region. Then the school was upgraded and another adjacent. Building merged for this purpose. By 2009 it becomes one of the top and leading schools of Jhang. Encouraged and motivated by this success, the governing body decided to extend its educational facilities and services to its neighborhood and low – education area Toba Tek Singh. With the passage of time, its community showed full confidence towards the educational policies and strategies of the management, so it also becomes another successful venture. School followed the third School of the chain established in Kabirwala and the fourth one was set up in Lahore.

All Schools are working hard and setting best examples for others, as the governing body is determined pursuing excellence, providing financially affordable and best quality education targeting at producing academically strong, since, devoted, passionate, ethically upright and endowed with vision and courage individual, who make significant contribution towards social and economic betterment of Pakistan.

The chain of GSS has produced unbeatable and meritorious results in Matriculation Examinations during many past years in Faisalabad Board. The outstanding and superb results of GSS reflect continuous, sincere and untiring efforts of the faculty and the most genius management .The institute also owes its success as a rigorous system to the intelligence of its students, trust of parents and professionalism of its staff and administration.