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Air Conditioned Junior Campus

Air Conditioned Junior Campus

Air conditioning helps control the air quality of classroom.Students feel more comfortable and be able to concentrate.It appears to offset almost all of the damaging impacts of heat exposure on the academic performance of each child.

These facilities allow us to cater to every child’s individual needs ,their unique talent and their ambitions.

Multimedia speaker:

They are used in pre-school for the presentation of rhymes and conversational sentenc e. They help and support our students to grasp, understand and learn many things efficaciously.

School Health Services:

Since School bring large number of students and staff together, produce dictates that in any workplace esppecially in schools, must have a system to deal with such issues as First Aid medical emergencies and dectection of contagious condition that could spread. That’s why GSS takes special care of students’ health. The institution has established a health care cell to provied routine administration of medications. If a child is injured, Proper care and medical aid is provided promptly.At our school, we are dedicated to providing complete health records of the students. The school also arranges the visits of specialists once or twice in a session for check-up of the students.

The School Auditorium:

Our school promotes new avenues for the all round development of the students. An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities is the Auditorium. The institution has held Seminars, lectures and workshops for teacher and parents, magic and puppet shows and numerous other such fun-filled and exhilavating programs that encourage teamwork and pride among students.


Centeen plays a key-role in a students life. we provide our children meal that are healthy well balanced and nutritious. we want our children to be physically and mentally strong and enjoy good health. Pest control is a regular feature of our centeen. Our menu contains fresh delicious and healthy foodstuff, junkfood is strickly banned . we also offer some exiciting bakery items breads, biscuits, cookies and puffs that have been an instant hit with all. The administrative head ensures all stringent standards of hygiene and health are maintained at all times.

Outdoor kindergarten play Area:
Kindergarten students should play in a cautious and secure environment, outdoor play area designed especially for the enjoyment and potential of little toddlers. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor swings play equipment.

Kindergarten activity Room:
Well-equipped and spacious rooms provide a wide variety of resources aimed at stimulating the interst of fresh learnners during activity as well as during specific class undertakings.