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Syed Majid Zaman

I would like to thank all the parents that have shown full trust and confidence in our school. Due to unique educational policies of our institution we have got very positive response from the parents. We have been trying our level best to enhance the learning habits of our children along with their ethical and moral upbringing.

The school arranges and holds different workshop to train there teachers. We believe that the best asset of the school are its teachers. Sincere and devoted teachers can produce responsible citizen of tomorrow. Our Mission is to improve the lot of our coming generations by enhancing the standard of education at a level where it matters the most.

I would request the worthy parents to give us suggestions and ideas. Their options and suggestions will be highly appreciated because we believe that education is the only institution in the world that needs plentiful ideas and innovative opinions on regular basis.

The Troika “(parents + teacher + students)” together will definitely elevate the standard of education and will change the students into a communal, cultured and civilized nation.

Syed Majid Zaman
Managing Director
Garrison Schools & Colleges