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Parents Training workshops

“Parents Training workshop”

“The roots of education are bitter, but fruit is sweet”

The Troika of school, teachers and parents provides the strong and the best foundation for their children brought sup, ethical grooming and for the education. Their complete participation plays a vital role in making them good human beings, useful and active citizens of the country. In other words they all have unbreakable relation with each other without their cooperation; the success of their children becomes impossible. Many refresher courses, training and workshops are arranged for the teachers. At the same time, the training workshops for the parents are as important as for teachers because negligence regarding  this can ruin all the efforts done by the teachers and school. Garrison School System provided a marvelous opportunity for parents to learn and organized “Parent’s Training Workshop” with collaboration of “Oxford University Press UK” on Saturday 2nd March 2019 presented by Madam Ismat Riaz.

Parents Orientation Seminar

Parents Orientation Seminar was held to develop the child literally, morally , physically and spiritually. The well known educationist “Prof.Dr.Cusrow J.Dubash” guided parents and teachers to enhance the learning abilities of the students. The certificates were awarded to each participant.