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Dr. Col (r) Syed Ali

The recent advancement in science and technology has revolutionized the world tremendously, as a corollary of this, the vast world has shrunken into a global village; a nation cannot afford to stay aloof from this. Only the nation that can influence the international affairs can live with honour and dignity. Modern education is the key to attain such a status.

The children are the soldiers of tomorrow will have to be prepared to meet the future challenges. They have to devote much more to their studies. Their education has to be cared for jointly by the parents and the teachers. The school administration has always endeavored to impart high quality, innovative and all round modern education to the children to enable them to compete in all spheres of their future life and build the nation politically stable, economically sound and defensively strong.

Dr. Col (r) Syed Ali
Chairman Board of Governor
Garrison Schools & Colleges