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GSS Maners

Eating Manners

We must say Bismillah before eating meal.

We must wash our hands before and after taking meal.

We must not talk while chewing food.

We must finish our food.

We must take small bites.

We must drink in three sips.

We must drink water in sitting position.

We must eat & drink with right hand.

We must say Alhamdulillah after finishing meal.

Always drink water in the beginning and in the middle of meal.

When you eat or drink , do not make unnecessary sound.

Gently stir tea or any drink with a spoon without spilling.

Do not sniff or smell food before eating.

Don’t refuse or give name to any food.

Always throw waste in the bin or in appropriate place.

Talking and Listening Manners

Never use bad or abusive words.

Be attentive when someone is talking to you.

Allow elders to speak first.

Reply to questions verbally and not by nodding.

Before starting conversation especially on telephone, first greet the person and introduce yourself.

When you have not heard someone clearly, say I beg your pardon or pardon me and ask for repetition.

Don’t bend your head too low while reading or writing.

Do not disturb others while they are talking, wait till they finish.

While standing and talking on a roadside or footpath, see that you do not obstruct others way.

Never talk too loud or shout and thereby disturb others.

When you converse, speak slowly, clearly and distinctively.

When you address someone, always be formal by using the word Mr.Sahab, Janab and Sir.

Do not talk unnecessarily on phone.

Always say “Allah Hafiz” while leaving the home.

Always say Assalam-o-Alaikum when you enter in home.

Always say Good morning / Subha Bakhair when you awake.

Always say Good night / Shab Bakhair when you sleep.

Always make it hurry to say Salam.

When something good is done for you, say thank you.

When a mistake is made, say sorry and ask for pardon.

Classroom Manners

We must stand up when the teacher/ Principal enters the room.

We must not talk to each other during lesson.

Seek permission before you talk.

Always keep your classroom and school clean.

We must always be attentive in the class.

Do not take away belongings of the school or classmates without permission.

Do not draw lines on the walls.

Make friendship with classmates & help each other.

ook after the plants in school. Never pluck flowers or leaves.

Respect your teachers and all the staff members, ayas and security guards.

Do not quarrel or fight with classmates.

Do not make/ cut jokes or make fun of others.

Do not give pet names to your classmates.