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Mrs. Syed Majid Zaman

Our vision is to grow into an institution that can served children of the area and provide high quality education from grass root level to Intermediate, O’level, and A’level. We are striving with consistent sincere efforts to achieve this goal. From the beginning to now we have focused on providing the quality training to our teaching staff through workshops, seminars, and short training courses on a wide variety of topics including in English language courses, child psychology, classroom management, lesson planning, motivation and instructional techniques. Thus we strengthen the confidence of our teaching staff and as a result they are always ready to accept any challenges given by their seniors and fulfill the duties assigned to them with dedication.

As a result, the standard of education which we are providing our students is undoubtedly excellent. Rapidly growing strength of students is a solid proof that we have succeeded in winning the parent’s confidence. I pray to Almighty Allah to help us to step ahead in the right direction.

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