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Rules and Regulations

Students are strictly instructed to abide by these rules otherwise necessary action may be taken.

1 The school will work on all days except Saturday, Sunday, and any public holiday.
2 All students must come to school on time. In case of habitual late coming, fine of Rs.50/- daily will be charged.
3 In accordance with the Punjab Education code, six subsequent numbers of absentees will justify dismissal.
4 Fee must be paid by 8th of each month. After due date Rs.100/- will be charged as fine per month.
5 Student’s name is liable to be struck off due to non payment of dues.
6 All students must wear the complete and clean uniform including belt, cap etc.
7 Cap will be used in winter only.
8 Boys must have cadet style hair cut.
9 Habitual idleness, disobedience, objectionable moral behaviour, disorderly or any unseemly conduct justify dismissal.
10 No student will be permitted to leave school during study hours, except on a written application.
11 The school will not be responsible if any incident happens to any student before and after the school hours.
12 Children suffering from any infectious disease will not be permitted to attend the school until they will submit a fitness certificate issued by a doctor.
13 Tuition or admission fee is not refundable.
14 Progress and conduct report of the students will be sent to parents off and on. Parents are requested to check the homework, class work and result card of their children and also sign their home work diary, class tests, and result cards.
15 Any kind of damage in or outside the school premises is to be made good.
16 No student leaving the school will be supplied with a transfer certificate unless all dues are paid in full.
17 Students must reach five minutes before assembly. More over they must leave the school within fifteen minutes after off time.
18 Students have to come to the assembly ground after putting the bags in the classes.
19 Loose talk is not allowed.
20 Fighting is not allowed.
21 Conversation in Urdu & Punjabi is not allowed.
22 Conversation with each other during assembly is not allowed.
23 Students must wear starchy and pressed uniform with proper haircut and polished shoes.
24 Don’t call each other with nicknames and other bad names.
25 Don’t write on the walls, tables, chairs etc. If anyone writes, he will be responsible for the cleanliness of these things.
26 Don’t snatch and steal edibles or belongings of others.
27 Don’t throw wrappers in the play ground, classrooms and washrooms.
28 Don’t bring autograph books, rough notebooks, toys or such like things in school.
29 Conversation between boys and girls is not allowed.
30 Students are not allowed to drive motorbike. Students from Class V to X can use bicycles.
31 None of the students can go out of the gate without Principal’s permission.
32 Don’t tear or take off things from the walls.
33 Never run or push / pull each other while you play or on the stairs.
34 Don’t take anything of others without permission.
35 Don’t celebrate parties in the premises of school.
36 Never speak in class while one is already speaking.
37 Never take edibles from paddlers.
38 Don’t bring fire crackers or other such like things in school.
39 Never bring mobile phone, camera or handicam. Otherwise management has the right to confiscate these.
40 Don’t wander without any purpose in school.
41 Never come in the Principal’s office without any purpose and without permission.
42 Religious or political discussion is not allowed.
43 Don’t be absent from school without any special reason. Always submit written application for leave.
44 Don’t come with parents during meetings.
45 Always come in time.
46 Be regular & punctual.
47 Bring your lunch; never take lunch of your fellows.
48 Never bring oily and liquid things for lunch.
49 Take lunch inside the class or in sitting position during break.
50 Never play while taking lunch.
51 Always bring healthy food as lunch.
52 Keep your school clean.
53 Don’t throw rubbish here and there.
54 Put all the rubbish in waste bin.
55 Don’t waste water or soap while using wash room.
56 Always wash your hands after using bath room and never write on the walls of wash rooms.
57 Never use abusive words, be polite and humble with your fellows.
58 Don’t take things from hawkers. These may be dangerous for your health.
59 Running is not allowed at any time in school, walk gracefully.
60 Step up stairs slowly and carefully.
61 Don’t push anyone while stepping up or down the stairs.
62 Come in queue leaving the classes for break or off time.
63 Keep your books & note books neat and tidy.
64 Brings books according to time table.
65 Never bring too much pocket money.
66 Cheating is not allowed during exams or tests, severe action may be taken against the student involved.
67 Word ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ will be used for calling each others.
68 Put your caps in bags after assembly.
69 Bring books according to the timetable.
70 Wish your teachers, school fellow or any staff member whom you meet.
71 In break time, take the lunch before going to assembly ground.
72 No one will come to school without lunch.
73 Don’t snatch and steal edibles of others.
74 Always go to canteen in queue.
75 Wait for your turn.
76 Don’t bring fire crackers or other such like things in school.
77 Never bring toys to school.
78 Don’t wander without any purpose in school.
79 Never bring too much pocket money.
80 Don’t use motorbike.
81 Once you enter in the school you can’t leave without the permission of the Principal.
82 Don’t tear or waste the things that are pasted or mounted on the walls of the classrooms or the school.
83 Never run or push / pull each other or play on the stairs.
84 Don’t take anything of others with out permission.
85 During terminal exams you have to bring small bags with diary and note book of next paper.
86 Presence in terminal exams is compulsory.
87 Use a small bag to keep your things. Plastic bag is not allowed.
88 In case of absence without any emergency (i.e sickness / death of a close relation) students will not be allowed to take examination of the given schedule.
89 In case of outstanding dues the result will not be delivered.
Visitors desirous of meeting Principal shall arrange appointments through phone.
90 In case of parents visiting their son / daughter / ward will be called to the Principal’s Office. Parents are requested not to make phone calls to their children during school hrs.
91 Entry of parents / guardians visitors is not allowed into the classes or other unconcerned areas.
92 Vehicles must be parked out side of the school gate.