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Recreational and Informative Visits
Recreation affect all aspect of life. Participating in recreational activities helps to improve physical well-beings, emotional health, and cognitive functioning ,also offers opportunities to socialize with peers. GSS organised recreational visits annually and provide a platform to discover hidden nature aspect. School planned one day trip to Khewra Mines and Kalar Kahar on 27th Feb 2021. Garrisonians enjoyed boating camel riding and gun shooting with complete guidelines and precautions.

Enjoying and Exploring
Tours are a strong way to consolidate new learning opportunities and boost students’ self confidence. Gss organised a one day jovial trip to Palm Villas Phase II for little cubs. students visited and played many games for amusement.

Pre-Cambridge Garrisonians visited Bank Alfalah

Pre-Cambridge Garrisonians visited Bank Alfalah on Thursday, 7th April 2022. Presented flowers and cards to the bank officers. By this visit they got knowledge about the system of banking through questions. Thanks to all the members, specially Sir Yasir Shah Sb. the manager of the bank, especial gratitude for their  kind cooperation and support.

Informative & Educational Visits

Gss belives in  overall development of children .It is the proven fact that learning is enhanced by getting hands on experience. Visuals khowledge is always effective and long lasting on the  mind of children. Keeping in view school planned the informative visit to Alfalah Bank  on  23rd April,2019, Shakarjang Sugar Mills Ujala Crescent  Unit ,Power Plant and Shakarganj Researsch  Centre .on 24th April 2019, Sufi Flour Mill on 26th April 2019 to encourage the  children to be the part of this experimental learning.

Confident Communicator

Annual Speech Competition was organised among girls and boys Separately on 11th Nov 2021. Its Purpose  to motivate and encourage the students to appear on stage confidently and express its views about different topics.

Art Competition

Every year GSS executes the Art Competition. This year GSS organized  Art & Drawing competition on 13th February, 2021.It was wonderful response from garrisonians. Young upcoming artists are  selected & awarded  by the jury.

Free Annual Medical Check-Up

At GSS, every student has to under go a complete medical check up at least oncea year. Institute management invited qualified medical practitioner Dr. Mehboob Alam Khokhar, MBBS, FCPS Paediatric medicine consultant (children specialist) of Govt. City Hospital Jhang to examine the students.

Motivational Lecture

Admiral Sajid Wazeer Khan and Cdr. Arshad Zaman (Pak Navy) visited  Garrison School System Jhang Chapter on 12th January, 2019.They also visited 10th class of Girls wing & delivered motivational lecture to them.

Visit Of Garrisonians to DHQ Emergency Ward Jhang

The visit of Garrisonians to DHQ emergency ward and distributed fruits among the patient.

Visit to Darul-Amaan

The female students and teachers of Garrison School System spent Eid day with the kids and ladies of Darul-Amaan . They also distributed dresses and gifts among them.