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Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that the following qualities are essential in Garrisons if they are to become leaders and community members who ‘serve as models of excellence, integrity, and compassion’:

  • Academic excellence; intellectual curiosity; critical reasoning/comprehension
  • Broad awareness of academic and professional fields; discovery and pursuit of personal interests
  • Eloquence/expressiveness (written and spoken) in English, Urdu and a 3rd language
  • Confidence/Initiative
  • Sportsman spirit/physical fitness
  • Respect for law; honesty and integrity; following religious/cultural values; etiquette and manners; practicing gender equality/sensitivity
  • Broadmindedness/tolerance; multiculturalism/cosmopolitanism; desire for national integration

Social awareness; civic sense; compassion; community involvement

Garrison School System is determined to provide the best possible education and training to its students, to develop high-quality professionals and scholars, who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and are endowed with vision, courage, and dedication, and thus to make a significant contribution towards social and economic betterment of Pakistan.